Sunnyside Golf Leagues

Sunnyside runs Golf leagues Monday morning and Tuesday through Friday evening’s beginning at either 6 or 6:30 p.m. depending on the league. In addition, a two person scramble is run every Monday evening beginning at 6 p.m.

The Monday night 2 person scramble is open to everyone and provides an excellent opportunity to improve your short game so all you need to do is come when you can as there is no weekly commitment. Feel free to call us at 518-792-0148 for more details.

The following is a list of the leagues along with the names of the individuals that organize each league.

Monday Morning Senior League

Start time – 9 AM
Drop in League, all are welcome to come and play
League Openings – yes

Tuesday Night Men’s League

The Tin Cup League, the longest running league in the area!

Start time – 6PM
League Organizer – Steve Rossi
League Openings – none currently

Wednesday Night Men’s League

The Oaken Bucket League

Start time – 6PM
League Organizer – Steve Philion
League Openings –none currently

Thursday Night Ladies League

The Starlighters

Start time – 6PM
League Organizer – Nancy Shaw
League Openings – yes

Friday Night Couples League

Start time – 6:30 PM
League Organizers – Kate Evanico and Matt Foreman
League Openings – yes

If you are interested in any of our leagues, contact us to sign up.

In addition, Sunnyside is willing to work with any group of individuals to set up a new league with your group that fits into your other time commitments, feel free to call us at (518) 792-0148.